Letting others Add and Edit Stores
Setting up shared editing

Granting trusted users the ability to edit stores

There are certain situations when, as the store locator admin, you want to let certain people edit one or more particular stores. A typical example would be letting store owners edit their own listings.

This is simple to achieve with Blipstar. Each store location has a Password field. If you supply a password, and give the store owner a link (which will be shown to you) they can log in, enter the password when prompted, and update their store details. You can use the same password for more than one store. So, if you give five stores the same password, anyone with that password would be able to edit those five stores.

If you ever need to revoke someone's access, you simply delete or alter the password.

Defining store passwords

To create the passwords your spreadsheet needs a column called Password, and you then enter the relevant values. If you downloaded the template spreadsheet then the Password column has already been defined.

Alternatively if you manage your stores online then when editing a store, the Password field is available in the advanced fields section (you might need to click on Show advanced fields to see them), as shown below...
Where to edit the Password field

When you save the settings you'll be provided with a link, like the one below...
Example link to share with other users
This is the link you need to give anyone who will be editing stores - they will access the link, enter the password, and then be presented with the store(s) they are authorized to edit.

Let users submit new stores

You might want the ability to let users of your website submit their own store for inclusion in your store locator.

To turn on this feature you go to Settings > General > User-submitted stores and select Yes. You can then define which fields you want the user to fill in on your site. You also get the choice of automatically giving people who submit a store the ability to edit it (without you manually assigning a password).

By default any stores that get submitted require you to verify them before they get added to your list of stores. You also get the option to bypass this verification so when someone submits a store it is added immediately. We suggest you exercise caution when turning on this setting!

When you save the settings you'll be given a link to an online form. This will include code for embedding the online form in your site. People can use the form to fill in new store details, like below...
The form you embed in your site to allow people to submit new stores
When someone submits a new store, you'll get an email asking you to review the details and confirm it should be added to the store locator (or deleted).
Link shown when a new store is submitted
If you've set the option to bypass the verification step you won't get an email.

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