Salesforce Store Locator

Does your business use Salesforce?

Salesforce is a popular online tool for CRM (Customer Relationship Management). If you use it to maintain details of your stores (or dealers or distributors...) then you might be interested in Blipstar's Salesforce import function.

So how does the importing work?

There's a simple four-step wizard to guide you through the process. You...

  1. Grant Blipstar access to your Salesforce account (so it can read the location data),
  2. Select the type of Salesforce 'Object' you want to use (for example Contacts or Accounts),
  3. Define what fields should be imported (e.g. for the Name and Address fields) and any filters,
  4. Choose whether you want the data to be imported as a one-off, or automatically every 24 hours.

It will then import the data into your Blipstar store locator account, so you don't need to manually create a spreadsheet and upload it. Once imported you can edit, delete and add stores as normal using the standard Blipstar functionality. Note that editing stores is not recommended if you're automatically syncing your Salesforce account, as any edits will be overwritten when it next imports your data.

Okay, why is a Salesforce-linked store locator useful?

It saves time. Instead of having to maintain two separate lists of store locations (one in Salesforce, one in Blipstar) you only need to manage one source.

Even better, if you choose to automatically sync your data then, once a day, your store locator information will be updated to reflect Salesforce.

You need to be logged in to start the SF Import Wizard. Not signed up yet? Create an account.

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