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Need a store locator tool that integrates with Zoho CRM?

Zoho is a popular online suite that includes Zoho CRM, a Customer Relationship Management application. If you're looking for a Zoho store locator then you're in the right place. Blipstar has Zoho CRM integration so if you use it to maintain details of your Accounts then Blipstar's Zoho import function provides a flexible wizard that guides you through the integration process.

Once the link is set up, when you edit a store's details in Zoho (e.g. entering a new address or phone number) the change gets reflected in your store locator.

How does the importing work?

Setting it up involves a simple process. You...

  1. Create an Authorization Token (within your Zoho account),
  2. Enter the Token into Blipstar (so it can access your Zoho CRM data),
  3. Define what Account Types should be imported (e.g. Vendor, Distributor, or all of them),
  4. Choose whether you want the data to be imported as a one-off, or automatically every 24 hours.
Zoho CRM Store Locator import screenshot
Screenshot of the Zoho CRM import feature

It will then import the data into your Blipstar store locator account. Once imported you can edit, delete and add stores as normal using the standard Blipstar functionality.

However editing stores online is not recommended if you're automatically syncing with your Zoho CRM account, as any edits will be overwritten when it next imports your data.

Why is a Zoho CRM-linked store locator useful?

Instead of having to maintain two separate lists of store locations (one in Zoho, one in Blipstar) you only need to manage one source - saving time.

Even better, if you choose to automatically sync your data then, once a day, your store locator information will be updated to reflect Zoho CRM.

Feel free to contact us if you have any issues when importing data.

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