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Put You and Your Products on the Map
Add a store locator to your website in minutes with Blipstar
Every month over 500,000 people use a store locator created with Blipstar. Sign up and let potential customers find you today.

How it works

Upload or input your store information
Customize your store locator's appearance
Integrate with your website using one line of code
  • Provides an easy way for customers to find you
  • First 25 locations - FREE
  • Attractive mapping and driving directions
  • Works with Mobile devices
  • Hosted app - integrates directly into your site
  • Display map, phone, website, opening times, logo etc
  • Use with Wordpress, Facebook, Joomla, Drupal

Store locator software lets your customers enter a zip/post code, address or place name and get a list of your nearest stores or products, complete with an attractive interactive map and driving directions.

Blipstar is the simplest way to enhance your website with a fully-featured store locator or zip code finder. It's simple to set up, easy to use and provides an invaluable service for existing and potential customers. And there's no software to download or install.

Just create a free account, input address data and choose one of several ways to integrate it with your site. W3C compliant store locator Your locator will work with smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs and is fully customizable. And it's fully compliant with W3C HTML5 standard.

Blipstar's hosted store locator software is also really fast to load. We've spent a long time optimizing the viewer code and it's paid off - your store locator loads in milliseconds, one of the reasons why it's been awarded an exceptionally high YSlow grade of 99% and PageSpeed score of 100% (YSlow is an industry-standard web page speed metric and the average score is 75%, PageSpeed is Google's own metric).

Creating a store locator has never been easier, better value or more, dare we say it, fun.

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Latest news

Blipstar store locator software version 2.9 - now available

The latest version of Blipstar includes Salesforce integration, which is quite exciting (for us at least) and the usual enhancements and improvements. You can also let users on your site add locations (subject to your approval of course).

October 8th 2014
What people say

Fantastic!! I will certainly be recommending this to friends with similar businesses.
Outasight VB Ltd, C.Olsen - Mar 2012

Blipstar Features


  • Street level mapping for over 200 countries
  • Return nearest X stores, all stores within a certain radius, by country or by US state
  • Search by tags (e.g. product lines)
  • US zip codes, Canadian zip codes, UK and European postcodes, Australian postcodes, New Zealand postcodes, plus others
  • Search in miles or km and get turn by turn driving directions
  • Special mobile views - ideal for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows
  • Auto-locate mode - uses GPS/wifi to determine a user's current position
  • Pop up map infobox showing address, phone number, email, website, tags, opening hours and custom fields of your choice
  • Text only mode (when javascript is turned off, or no map is required, ideal for screen readers)
  • Street view thumbnails - show a photo of your shop or building front
  • Dynamic update option - automatically updates the results when the user pans the map


  • Change colors, text, labels, fonts, sizes, layout
  • Add opening times, custom logos (or photos) and map icons
  • Add tags to your data to allow filtering (e.g. product search)
  • Import data in Excel (XLS, XLSX) or CSV format or edit online
  • Export data in CSV or KML format
  • Assign higher priority to certain locations, or add online stores
  • WordPress and Facebook store locator plugins available
  • Compatible with Content Management and e-Commerce Systems
  • Easy to create your own front end widget to interface with Blipstar
  • Works with sites written in HTML, PHP, ASP, Perl, Python
  • Can be used with HTTPS (for secure sites)
  • Option to use your own CSS file to fully control styling


  • No coding knowledge required
  • Fully hosted solution. 99.9% uptime
  • Nothing to download, nothing to install
  • Access your account from any device with a standard web browser
  • Most cost-effective service on the market
  • Locator uses 100% W3C compliant HTML5
  • Also ideal as a product locator, sales rep finder, or any other type of locator
  • Edit functions - add, edit and delete stores online in seconds
  • Analytics - analyze where people are searching from, including smart heatmaps
  • Protect your data by limiting the number of searches per IP
  • Upgraded accounts can remove Blipstar branding from map
  • Fast, friendly support

Mr Blip - the shooting star

About Blipstar, the Store Locator Software Solution


Hosted store locator software provides a convenient way for existing and potential customers to find which of your stores/shops/dealers etc. is nearest to where they live (and how they can get there). They simply enter a zip code, post code or address and the store locator finds the nearest store locations (within a given radius) and plots them on a map. Store locators and Branch locators are a popular feature of many websites but setting up an effective store locator from scratch takes time and effort.

Blipstar is born

So in August 2006, the original Blipstar was born, a store locator service designed to greatly simplify this process - it does the hard work for you! You create an account, upload a spreadsheet of store information (name, address, phone number etc.) and set up some design options. Blipstar then creates your store locator tool and and you simply need to link to it from any web page. No programming experience is required and you don't have to download or install anything on your website. Blipstar makes use of the excellent Google Maps to provide attractive background mapping and driving directions. It worked and people were generally happy with it but after a few years it started looking dated and the underlying technology had been pushed pretty much as far as it could go. Looking back on it, as our first major web app we learned alot and, as always, with hindsight would have done lots of things differently. So a completely new product seemed the way to go and the original Blipstar became "Blipstar Basic".

Blipstar - next generation Store Locator software

Blipstar proved popular and many businesses and organizations (of all sizes) have set up store locators using the original Blipstar. Three key things people asked for was the ability to

  1. save more stores
  2. customize the store locator to make it look more like their own website
  3. use it as a locator tool for things other than stores

So a new Blipstar was created in response to this, allowing 1000s of store locations and providing a wide range of options for customization, including the ability to integrate the store locator directly into the customer's website.

New features are continually added and the site underwent a revamp in late 2011. Improvements included a flexible keyword search, search by US state, text-only search, SmartSearch mapping, a raft of new customization options and integration within Facebook. Quick Add, Quick Edit and Quick Delete functions for making fast changes to your data. A major upgrade - Blipstar v2.0 - was released in December 2012 with a raft of new features and a contemporary look. Every aspect of setting up a store finder has been enhanced or tweaked to make the process even simpler. We hope you like it. And don't forget that for small businesses with up to 25 address locations it's free!

All around the world

Blipstar is also ideal as a UK store locator with full mapping support. Likewise it's perfect for Australian and Canadian store finders. Users from other countries can customize the wording (it has unicode support) and set the map interface to be a language of their choice.

Blipstar Server - store locator software for developers and programmers

Some advanced users wanted even more control and customization over their store locator and not have to rely on a third-party. Blipstar Server was therefore released, a "host-your-own" product effectively allowing a customer to set up their own store locator on their website and expand and customize it to meet their exact requirements. This separation from Blipstar meant that the new version didn't get bogged down in too many features that weren't relevant to most users, but gave developers infinite flexibility. Server is very much a niche solution and Blipstar is the best option for the vast majority of users and organizations. That said, most users have been able to set up Blipstar Server in minutes rather than hours.

Looking forward to the future

Blipstar will continue to be developed to keep up with the latest HTML tricks and techniques and ever growing range of devices. A key focus is on marketing and getting the word out to small and medium sized businesses who would benefit from a simple store locator. Watch this space for the latest Blipstar developments! New versions are regularly released (by September 2014 the version was 2.9) and because it's software-as-a-service (i.e. hosted) you benefit from the enhancements straightaway, with no action needed on your part.